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What is my thesis worth?

The time to start writing the thesis is often destabilizing for a university student. It is the last step of an uphill journey, and the energies can be very few, while the desire to wear, finally, the long-awaited laurel wreath grows.

The greatest difficulty that can be encountered in the first approach to the degree thesis is that rarely, before that moment, we find ourselves having to create something so personal, elaborate and original. For years we work to acquire a certain method of study, an effective attitude to exams, a rhythm marked by chapters, lecture notes and notes taken in class.

When all that remains is the final test, however, we often realize that we have not acquired the necessary tools over the years of study.

Who tells me what is the rhythm to follow for the writing of my thesis? How can I know if the topic I have chosen will be able to hold the minimum 60 pages required by my supervisor? Where should you start from? Do I have to read everything I can find on the topic and then start writing, or can I proceed paragraph by paragraph and see what comes out of it?

If you try to do a simple Google search, you will find several articles that have tried to generalize and outline this process, dispensing tips like “write about 5 pages a day”, or “take a ten minute break every hour”.

This kind of “guide” has a big flaw: it doesn’t speak directly to us, it doesn’t know us. He has no idea how we are used to study and forfeit information, he doesn’t know what works or not for us. Taking a ten minute break every hour can help someone, while it can be a limit for those who do not feel the need or need a longer break. Then there will be days when we will write twenty pages, maybe even skipping lunch, others where we will be stuck on the same paragraph, without being able to move forward.

Among the doubts that crowd the mind of the university student who finds himself having to write his thesis, then, we also find: Will anyone ever read what I write? Do I really have something interesting to say?

What value can my thesis have?

We tend to choose something that has been passionate about or for which we have shown interest. Something that has somehow defined us in recent years. And yet, especially in the initial phase, we doubt that we are able to have a strong opinion about it, to say more than has already been said by others, more authoritative and expert than us. In most cases, these fears stem from being in front of a blank sheet of paper, without knowing where to start.

The truth is that writing the thesis is a process in many ways subjective. Starting from the idea, from the light bulb that lights up in our head, then passing through the collection of sources, reaching the development of our thesis. Even questions such as layout, index structuring and writing of notes, which might seem more technical and standard elements, actually derive from stylistic and aesthetic choices of each author.

If you too, like many other students nearing graduation, are experiencing a complicated moment, where you feel lost and do not know where to start, or you are at a certain point in your work, or you think you do not have the necessary skills, contacting someone for some support and practical help could prove to be a winning choice.

A little push is often enough!

We take care of just this: we offer a new Coaching service for university students at affordable prices, and it’s all legal. We greatly value the importance of the authorship of a thesis paper, which in any case will remain YOUR product, solely and totally.

Sottotesi.it is now a large community, which has hundreds of Coaches in it, specializing in specific fields of study and all coming out unscathed (even more than once!) From the process of writing a thesis. Depending on your background and the subject of the paper, you will be assigned a Coach who will follow you throughout the course, providing you with valuable support at every stage, starting with the initial idea. Great attention will be paid to YOUR will, in total respect of the goals you want to achieve and what you want to communicate. The Coach will support you so that you can express your thesis effectively and organized.

No less important are the issues related to formatting and correcting content. The Sottotesi.it staff will be committed to quality control of your work, also using anti-plagiarism software, widely used in most Italian universities. Small errors of distraction, such as improper quotations or too much “copy-paste” can therefore be identified and corrected in time.

Finally, what help can provide that you cannot find elsewhere, or simply by searching the internet?

Our strength lies in the figure of the Coach. A real person, competent and professional, to whom you can address your questions and expose your doubts. A person who will learn to meet you, and who will be able to give you targeted advice and dedicated only to you. A person who has gone through exactly what you are going through, and who can understand you. It therefore starts from a personalized planning, complete with deadlines and objectives, which will be totally based on your needs and characteristics. Even the way in which you will receive the help of the Coach depends on you, as our professionals carry out consultations both online and offline, with constant telematic support but also the possibility of face-to-face meetings.

Writing the thesis is a creative and personal process at the end of which you will be, to all effects, author.

This is why it is invaluable, and you will not want to give up and be proud of it.

To be supported in achieving this goal, contact us and request a quote!

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